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Casablanca – Review

As time goes by, the appeal of Casablanca shows no sign of diminishing. Originally intended as a WWII propaganda movie, it remains a marvellous blend of bittersweet romance, wisecracking comedy and wartime intrigue. Wonderfully acted by its cast, it’s the story of a laconic nightclub-owner Rick (Humphrey Bogart), whose life in Casablanca is shaken up… Read more »

Trailer for our next film – Casablanca

Casablanca will be screened at Nantwich Civic Hall on July 8th, 7:45pm (doors 7pm). Full service bar available before and after the show.

Headhunters – Monday June 10th 7:45pm (Doors 7pm)

I can’t remember the last time a movie surprised me as much as Headhunters: not just its story twists and turns, which are considerable, but its continual stripping of character veneer and overall audaciousness left me breathless. I haven’t read any of the growingly-popular novels by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo (whose reputation has grown in… Read more »

Untouchable – Monday 6th May 7:45pm

If you are sceptical about French films, don’t be for this one … it is a must see film, my personal favourite of 2012.  I know that I am a little bit late to the party celebrating the film “Intouchable*” but better late than never.. It has heart, humour, hope and in the end happiness…. Read more »

Silver Linings Playbook – Monday 8th April 7:45pm

There are few films that hit home to the degree Silver Linings Playbook does. The filmmakers and cast seem to have an excellent working knowledge of mental health, specifically Bipolar Disorder (which in itself is a complex task). But never once is the illness put before the person and that is what makes Silver Linings… Read more »

The Angel’s Share – Monday 11th March 7.45pm

Ken Loach’s bitter-sweet Scottish comedy is the story of four friends who meet on a Community Payback programme and, after being inspired by a visit to a Whisky distillery, plan an audacious crime to finance a better future. The film won the Jury Prize at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival The Angels ‘Share starts off… Read more »

Elling cancelled due to power outage at the Civic Hall

Apologies to anyone heading to the Civic Hall this evening expecting to see the highly acclaimed Norwegian film Elling.  Due to a lack of power we have had to cancel tonight’s showing.

Elling – Monday 10th February 07:45

After The Help, which was shown on 14 January, The Big Cheese Film Club has found another corker – nominated for an Oscar in 2001, in the Best Foreign film category, this Norwegian film portrays two middle-aged, cognitively challenged men who team up to live as roommates in urban Oslo. Somehow, their odd, symbiotic relationship… Read more »