Review: The Worst Person in the World

A “coming of age film for grownups who still feel like they haven’t grown up”, Julie is a young woman struggling to navigate adult life – never quite seeing things through in her ever-changing professional life and especially her personal and love life. Winner of Cannes Best Actress, Renate Reinsve is outstanding as the troubled lead. Will she discover who she really is?

Review: Tori and Lokita

Full of heart and humanity this is the realistic story of Tori and Lokita, a pair of very young people from Africa struggling to survive with any semblance of dignity in Europe. Pressurised and pulled in all directions, they become the victims of a system which seeks to ruthlessly exploit the powerless for it’s own gain.

Review: I Got Life

A lovely, funny and charming French comedy that has a lot of appeal. Aurore, Agnes Jaoui, is going through many changes in her life some happier than others, but all confusing. Aurore then, by chance, bumps into an old boyfriend, more confusion or a chance to embrace her desire for life and love?