Review: Sweet Bean

A gentle story of a dorayaki pancake seller in Tokyo, he cooks with skill but no enthusiasm. He takes on a new assistant who brings her own Sweet Bean recipe, which enlivens the business and his emotions. A truly beautiful insight into the magical essence of Japan. ‘An ode to the simple joys of life’.

Review: After Love

Set in the port town of Dover, Mary Hussain, a white muslim convert, suddenly finds herself a widow following the unexpected death of her husband, Ahmed who worked on cross channel ferries. A day after the burial she discovers he has a secret just twenty-one miles across the channel in Calais. The more she discovers Ahmed’s deceit, the more she wonders about her own identity, how she got here and where she belongs. Joanna Scanlan, the main actor has been BAFTA nominated for her amazing performance in this film

Review: Nomadland

Fern is a widow and former teacher from Nevada who is forced to gather her possessions into her campervan and head off to seek seasonal work. Nomadland is a docu-drama hybrid film about a new phenomenon; America’s 60 and 70 something generation whose economic future was shattered by the 2008 crash. These are people who’ve lost everything and who now find themselves unable to retire or maintain a home, so they have become ‘nomads’. The film depicts the freedom that can be achieved without the burdens of a house and possessions. Although there are hardships, they also find fellow comrades, mutual support and belonging. A haunting and inspiring film.