Review: Perfect Days

Hirayama lives a blissful contented life balancing his job as caretaker of Tokyo’s public toilets with his love of music, literature and photography. However, his regimented daily routine is interrupted by a series on unexpected encounters which force him to reconsider his past. This is a delightful and life-affirming story by Wim Wenders, with a wonderful soundtrack. Winner of Best Actor in Cannes.

Review: One Life

Arriving in Prague, just a few weeks before WW2 starts, Nicholas Winton (Anthony Hopkins) sees the plight of many refugee families and children. He spurs a small group of people, including his Mother (Helena Bonham Carter), to act. This timely intervention had a dramatic affected saving hundreds of lives, the consequences Nicholas could have never foreseen. Over 50 years later the story is brought to the public’s attention on an episode of Esther Rantzen’s TV show That’s Life

Review: Anatomy of a Fall

An award winning French legal drama. Sandra a successful author is suspected of murdering her aspiring writer husband, Samuel. What ensues is a fascinating court room thriller. It explores the troubled marriage of the couple whilst their visually challenged young son faces a moral dilemma as the main witness. Sandra, while her own secrets are exposed must prove her husbands fall was an accident and that she is not responsible.