Review: Toni Erdmann

Winfried Conradi is a divorced music teacher, an old-age hippie of sorts, with a passion for bizarre pranks involving several fake personas. Following the death of his beloved dog, he decides to reconnect with his daughter, Ines, who is pursuing a career in business consulting. She is consumed by her work and seems to have little time for her family, least of all her father. Winfried chases his career-focussed daughter around the world interfering with her life while disguised as the titular Erdmann.

Review: The Salesman

Emad and Rana are a married couple who work in the theatre, currently starring in a production of Death of a Salesman. Emad is also an instructor at a local school. One night, their apartment begins to collapse and they flee the building with the other residents. Desperate to find a place to live, their fellow actor Babak secures another apartment for them, where a female tenant has just moved out. One night, Rana is home alone and begins bathing. When Emad returns, he finds she is missing and the bathroom covered with blood. Rana has been assaulted by an intruder.

Review: Love and Friendship

Nantwich Film Festival presents a ‘Film and Food’ evening at Nantwich Bookshop. A delicious buffet prepared by the bookshop coffee lounge will accompany the film ‘Love and Friendship’ (2016) a period drama based on a novella by Jane Austen: Lady Susan Vernon, played by Kate Beckinsale, is a beautiful, scheming widow who goes to stay with her in-laws’ keen to secure a good marriage for both herself and her daughter Frederica. Doors open for the buffet at 18.30 with the film showing at approximately 19.15 with an interval mid film. Tickets £10 available from the bookshop. There will be a cash bar.