Review: Empire of Light

Set in an English coastal town in the early eighties, a turbulent time, the film is a moving drama about the resilience of human connections and the fading of a once glorious cinema. The story covers many powerful and painful experiences, showing how people sometimes endure and sometimes they don’t, even with love and caring life can be difficult.

Review: The Quiet Girl

Cait, a quiet and withdrawn nine-year-old girl, who is neglected by her dysfunctional family, is sent to live with some distant relatives for the summer. However, living on a farm with loving foster parents opens her eyes up to a new way of growing up and Cait learns the true meaning of family. A beautifully understated coming of age drama. (Irish, with subtitles)

Review: Irreplaceable

A devoted rural GP (Francois Chizet) is set in his ways and routine. he is loath to accept help even when he gets bad news and really needs to rest. Help arrives in the person of Dr Delezia (Marianne Denicourt), he greets her with resistance and grumpiness to cover how unsettled he is about this newcomer and his own situation. This is a delightful film mixing the serious with humour, charm and humanity. The sense of community and caring for each other is beautifully portrayed, just what the French do well.