Review: Decision to Leave

From a mountain peak in South Korea, a man plummets to his death. Did he jump or was he pushed? When detective Hae-joon arrives in the scene, he begins to suspect the dead man’s wife Seo-rae. But as he digs deeper into the investigation, he finds himself trapped in a web of deception and desire. This film, a modern-day thriller, puts a spin on a timeless story of romantic obsession.

Review: Empire of Light

Set in an English coastal town in the early eighties, a turbulent time, the film is a moving drama about the resilience of human connections and the fading of a once glorious cinema. The story covers many powerful and painful experiences, showing how people sometimes endure and sometimes they don’t, even with love and caring life can be difficult.

Review: The Quiet Girl

Cait, a quiet and withdrawn nine-year-old girl, who is neglected by her dysfunctional family, is sent to live with some distant relatives for the summer. However, living on a farm with loving foster parents opens her eyes up to a new way of growing up and Cait learns the true meaning of family. A beautifully understated coming of age drama. (Irish, with subtitles)