Submarine – 19th November

The next film showing at the Nantwich Film Club is Submarine. Released in 2010, it has won umpteen awards and has been critically acclaimed at many film festivals. Critics have praised this film as the best British comedy released in years. Maybe a little over the top, but from the reviews, it would suggest a great 97 minutes of entertainment, so they can’t all be lying.

Oliver is a sixteen year old having to deal with everyday problems like trying to save his parent’s marriage, losing his virginity and falling in love. What could be easier? The trouble is that Oliver is infatuated with Jordana…..but she already has a boyfriend.

 What more can I say at this stage. Young love, broken hearts and lots of funny bits in-between.

If you are having second thoughts about seeing this film, I would suggest throwing caution to the wind, and come along. It’s also in English, so no subtitles.

I’ll be there on Monday 19th November…. Look forward to seeing you.

a Big Cheese Film fan


The Last Picture Show

If you weren’t at the Civic Hall on Monday night to see the last Picture Show, then you certainly missed a cinema classic. This coming of age film is based on a group of 1950s kids in their last year before graduation.  This was the second time I had seen this movie and it gets deeper the more times you see it. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but shown in black and white, there is an eeriness about the place. Set in a small Texan town on it’s last legs. It’s dying.

Timothy Bottoms leads an excellent cast. along with Jeff Bridges and Cybll Shepherd. Ironically the latter two went on to fame and fortune. Timothy Bottoms didn’t.

The Director Bob Bogdanovich pauses over every scene showing the grittiness of growing up. Nothing is taboo. Radically exploring and exposing adolescence,intimacy and relationships with a directness that cinema had not seen previously.  The extra minutes added with the Director’s cut made the film a tore de force. The only downside of the evening was the sound quality. It won’t be a problem in you get it out on DVD.

The Film Club’s next showing is Submarine. I’ve yet to see it, but all the reports are glowing. Look out for my blog giving you the low down.

A Big Cheese Film fan

Midnight In Paris

Nantwich Film Club Presents Woody Allen’s Fantastic return to form.

Only one week to go